Porsche's, Poop, and Panic Attack's!

Shalom! It's 1:08 on a muggy day out here in LaLa Land. I am a lil' jet lagged from a recent trip back to the Bay Area to see good old Susan and Robert. It's always such a weird experience when I go home you know? Like, when you've been living on your own for 5+ years and life is good and everything (sort of) makes sense to you... and then you go back home for 3 days and you don't even know how to sustain your own life anymore?

It's like i've forgotten how to eat, breathe, sleep, poop, make lunch..etc. I wake up and just question everything... who am I? How do I respond to 89 emails? Will mom wash my 20 pairs of underwear I brought home?

It was grandma Kari's 89th birthday so I calmed down on my life altering questions, and remained a good little girl the whole trip. We drove out to Yountville, which is a town close to Napa, in order to dine at the ever so fancy, "French Laundry". Let me just say that eating 9 courses over 3 hours takes a toll on you as a human. Granted, they were barbie doll sized portions, but still, I def pulled the whole, "OMG i'm never eating again". Not shockingly, I wake up starving and can't wait to find the nearest blueberry muffin. Mid bite, my dad chimes in with, "Wow, those things are pure fat...". So I politely rebut with, "FUCK YOU ROBERT".

So you know, Home was fun.

Currently at a coffee shop trying to calm down from a minor panic attack. Have you ever tried to parallel park between a Porsche and a Range Rover? You actually see your life flash before your eyes... Good thing I came to a coffee shop btw, because watching the season 10 finale of Friends in my room was waaaay less productive than watching it IN the coffee shop. FML.

Hmm... what's new that I can share with you guys? Ok - serious question.. Would you guys watch "Vlogs"? Do you guys know what vlogs are? Is anyone actually going to even respond to this question? Initially when I proposed this idea to my roommate she thought I asked if I should start "flogging" which I guess is whipping myself sexually... so.... she was all for it. It would essentially be me filming myself driving around, going to Target, buying coffee, aka....all the really important things going on in my life.

Alright, I should probably go respond to my Tinder matches and drink my iced tea. Hope you all have the best Friday in the history of Fridays!