It's Friday night, just got paid!

OK, so I was at the gym today on the stair - torture device , and was getting ultra bored of my Spotify playlist. Suddenly, I remembered that I downloaded the 50 Shades of Grey audio book, and was like, OMFG what better place or time to whip out this book! Right?

Let me just say... don't waste your time. It took 3 fucking hours for the chick to even lose her virginity... and up until that point I was listening to some awkward girl do her voice AND the guy voice. In the tone of Chandler Bing, "could I BE any less turned on". I was soo expecting some raunchy, almost illegal story to liven up my forced gym cardio.. but alas, I heard a lot of dumb commentary about "oh wow, he's so cute, he makes me tremble..blah blah blah".

Although, I will say.. experiencing 50 Shades of Grey in theaters was much like watching porn as a group... dodging any eye contact when leaving the theater.. especially from the heavy breathing gentleman behind me.

It's been quite some time since i've given the blog some TLC! I took a little tangent to try out YouTube which has been awesome. I have a questionable following of at least 2 people.. #winning. More videos are on the way once my life calms down for a minute. Not like I'm in high demand, I just  have somehow sped through these past 2 weeks and haven't even had a minute to shave my legs! YOU KNOW.

Hmm.. what else what else! I attempted to give up sugar. That went great! Lasted 48 hours then succumbed to Troli Eggs. I have also been fighting a cold and have gone through a record breaking amount of kleenex's (sp?). Seriously, ask me how many? Not like i've counted though, cause that would be weird... 386.

No i'm totally kidding.. I wouldn't count....

What kind of YouTube video should I put up next!???? Comment & LMK. Happy Friday... get weird!


February HAUL! + New Hair & Itchy Nose

Happy singles awareness month guuuuys! I picked up a couple things that i'm luuuhh-vin and thought i'd share with you! Not included in this vid are the 3 bags of candy I bought.. shout out to my sweet tooth'd friends : )

I think this is my favorite video to watch so far... probably because of my kick-ass new hair! Thank you so so so much ..        >> Tanya Ramirez << @ Salon Republic in West Hollywood

PS, how fuckin cute is my room? I know right!