Fishtail Braids in under 5 minutes!

Happy Thursday!!

Made a quick little video before I head to the Sam Smith concert tonight with some of my best gal's... If you've ever wanted to learn how to do a Fishtail Braid in under FIVE minutes, here's your chance!

Necklace | Flea Market purchase
Top | Olivaceous


Happy Sunday! NEW VIDEO!

Get to know a little bit about me with this "Tag" video! It's not actually 17 questions, I edited the boring ones out. : )

In today's episode, I talk about my favorite carbs, text messages from my Mom, & more... 

exciting stuff guyyys..


My first YOUTUBE video!!! January 2015 Favorites.


I'm feeling a bit weird about this but i'm also feeling really excited to share with you another social media platform! I am finally putting my camera to good use and just trying something new. Let me know in the YouTube comments what you think... if you can even make it through the ten minutes...whoops. I promise they will not be that long again...unless I go on another rant. Hope you like!!


Here's a screen grab from my video...
waving to all my haters. ; )

hahah not. 


Models, Creepers, and Grilled Cheese

Hey guys, Happy Sunday.

I've been listening to my neighbors have sex for approx. 15 minutes now.. not exactly what I meant for wanting more of it in my life... but thanks for trying God. I am enjoying the Kelly Clarkson track playing in the background.

It's been over 2 weeks since I posted a blog.. i'm sorry i'm sorry I know you've been lost without me. Theres been so much random stuff going on! I can't wait to share. So, if we're friends on Facebook, you may have already seen the BREAKING NEWS that I couldn't wait to share.. literally I texted about 3 people while it was happening and then took to social media to update the world. Ugh, ok, the more I hype this up, the more I realize I sound like such a loser....

Ok, so basically, it was just another Thursday evening in West Hollywood. I had just hiked Runyon canyon with my roomie and was dying for some Beverly Hills Juice (Carrot coconut with cacao to be exact). I picked up my $30 drink, jk it was $9 but take my arm and my leg why don't you. I realize that I am not a model, and cannot eat as the models do, so I must go stock up on sustenance. I drive up Crescent Heights listening to some kewl new jamz, sippin my drink, livin la vida loca, right? Anyway, I head on over to Trader Joes and I'm totally minding my own beeswax. I'm checking out the avocados, checking out the men that are entering from the gym above, checking out if I smell, etc... when all of a sudden I spot the totally stunning and makeup-less Behati Prinsloo. (Victoria's Secret model and wife of Adam Levine).  I have inserted a photo for ya, so if we could all just have a moment of silence for her beauty, k thanks.

I watched her ask the clerk about Rose' , I watched her go in for that extra bag of tortilla chips, and I watched her spend $266 dollars on booz and food. Yo go Glen Coco. Yeah, ok this is when I start to sound a bit creepy. I swear I didn't stand there drooling or anything....sort of.

I'm currently lying in bed trying to gain some energy before heading off to work tonight. I can only put up with so many white girls yelling, "CAN YOU GUYS PUT ON TURN DOWN FOR WHAT??!" My bar is located right next to the DJ booth so you can imagine. Today I went to the local flea market which I'm obsesssssed with. I have gone 2 Sundays now and it has yet to disappoint. Although, right as I arrived to the market, I was totally in my element, shopping and perusing, when some young guy walks up to me and stands in that awkward "too close to be considered okay for a stranger to stand this close" space and sort of started looking into my soul! You know when people do that?? Like you almost feel exposed and they can see your deepest darkest secret or how many jellybeans you ate last night!? He tells me that he has been watching me, and although he doesn't really like Lindsay Lohan, I reminded him of her, even though she has problems now... He proceeds to hover and asks if I have any tips for how to approach girls. IDK dude, maybe respect a little personal space and have less of an, "i'm going to kill you" stare.

I don't mean to sound like a bad human, I was truly flattered.. but some people man. This world is quite eccentric but it always makes for a good story. Anyway, time to go finish season 7 of Friends. This whole, "putting Friends on Netflix in January" thing is really appearing to be counterproductive for all of my New Years Resolutions...except for 1 which was to watch Friends... Amiright guys?? I will end this on a mini win for me... I did NOT eat a grilled cheese after work last night at 3 am.