Do you wan't fries with that?

What's up my friends? Do I have any followers out there still? Cricket cricket...?? It's been hard to update when my day to day has been fairly unworthy of documentation, but I need to remember that some of you think i'm funny, and therefore will possibly care of my mundane life.

Let's see shall we, where to begin?! I am currently working at two restaurants, living that glamorous, "Do you want fries with that", life. Except it's more like, "Do you want fries, truffle fries, or sweet potato fries with that..."? There have also been multiple new celeb sighting moments which are always great and mildly creepy on my part, ( I tend to Google them while they are sitting right in front of me eating). Like, "Oh hey, Ryan Cabrarera! I didn't realize you were still living past 2005".... Am  I right?

LA people are funny though. Everyone out here is an, "actor", or as I like to call them, "poor". Now, I myself am a non working actor at the moment, clinging to CiCi's pizza auditions and Herbal Essences callbacks, but I really don't understand why some people find it riveting to sit around bars and discuss The Meisner Technique.  It's like hey, I get that you have a nice face and a nice body, but you're extremely boring, and not a working actor, so please, run along... as I would rather discuss anything else in the world. 

I have to say though, the opportunity out here is endless. There is so much ability to create your own work, film your own material, meet D list celebrities... it really is the place to be. Just last week my roommate and I went on a Hollywood Tour bus that took us around Beverly Hills just so we could look at Leonardo DiCaprio's driveway (totally worth it.. thanks Groupon). We even pulled up to a stop light right next to the hunky Taylor "Twilight" Lautner. Our tour guide thought it was best he yell, "Taylor! Taylor! Taylor!".. into the microphone. I couldn't help but get excited for that moment in my career when I turn away from harassing tour guides screaming into my matte black Mercedes SUV. 

Ok, well it's 3:42 in the afternoon and I need a fucking coffee before work. Peace, Babes xx