Nails, photos, and early stages of vocal chord nodules...oh my!

Hey Bitches.

My dad told me his favorite posts are the ones where I start out with "Hey Bitches".... so Robert, this one's for you.

Yesterday I bought my very own LA Dodger hat!!! I am officially a resident now. Can you believe it? Just 3 months ago I was sitting in frightened fetal position on my bedroom floor with only the cockroaches as my buddies, and now i'm thriving as a Southern California resident. Well, ok, having a couple friends, a job, and an LA Dodger hat may or may not be "thriving" to you, but it certainly is to me. Finally I can walk around the Grove wearing my new hat, with my Ray Ban aviators just hoping to not get recognized and no, I don't want to take any pictures with you because I just want to live a normal life.... you know?

What's on my agenda for today? Well, I'm heading to an ENT (ear nose and throat) doctor in a bit to have him check on my throat. You guys, I think I have nodes.....

Remember that scene from Pitch Perfect where Brittany Snow is like, OMG you guys....  I have nodes, and then Gretchen was all like, OMG Karen you can't just ask people why they're white..... I think i'm mixing my movies.. but you get the point.

So everyone lately has been all like, "wow you have a great raspy voice... you should do voiceovers", or "wow you have a great raspy voice, you should do sex phone operating". Yes yes, all this does sound super glamorous but it kinda hurts so I should probably get my throat looked at.

Flash forward to my doctor visit, the lady doc. shot some crazy drugs up my nose that smelled and tasted like rubbing alcohol and then she weaseled a lengthy camera up my nose and down my throat!!! Is this too graphic for you? Yea? Don't care. Then she proceeded to take some snapshots of my throbbing throat while having me make casual dolphin noises to see how my vocal chords were moving. And yes, your throat 100% looks like a vagina.

Allllright already, it's time to take a couple selfies and head to work. THIS girl got a new camera! I also got my nails done : ))) What a day! Nails, photos, and early stages of vocal chord nodules...oh my!

Question of the day, what are fun things I can do with coconut oil? (Beauty things not sexual things... because apparently that's a thing).

Ta for now!