My crazy life

So picture this....

I'm at a trendy as eff coffee shop... seriously, there are quotes on the wall, skinny people everywhere, refrigerators with green juice as far as the eye can see.. and myself. Roomie and I decide we want to post up and do a bit of writing. So here we are in line, gawking at all the pretty people & I decide to purchase a trendy juice... but def not the trendiest of juices because it was pink-ish instead of green.. and we all know that the trendiest juices are ones that in fact taste like dog poop and grass. So, I lower my cool factor and go to purchase this pink-ish juice... and OH look! A bar of dark chocolate... So I think to myself, "hmm will that make me seem like I don't belong here if I buy a bar of chocolate at this trendy as eff coffee shop because that would indicate that I in some way shape or form eat sugar?" I must make a decision quickly as the SG (short for skinny girl) in front of me has now paid for her trendy late with trendy money so now I must make my un trendy purchase! I think, "FUCK IT! I'm buying the chocolate!" Proud of myself and my soon to be purchase of my pink ish juice and dark chocolate .... the attractive bearded man smiles at me and say, "Alright that'll be $19.50"

Welcome to LA.

Yes, as you would believe I was too awkward to put the chocolate back so I smiled at Mr. Bearded man and handed over my leg and arm for the trendy chocolate and trendy pink-ish juice. Never again.

Fast forward to this morning:

I fell asleep to one Netflix episode of New Girl and woke up on the last season. It's like... now I have to go retrace my steps from where I ended but half of me remembers this part but oh, maybe I was asleep for that part....wait I think I saw this..wait no this is a new episode. Ugh.

Alright now i'm off to work...OH, I also did laundry today...  yes, I am Livin la vida loca.

In summary.... check the price on chocolate.


I miss the 90's...

Hey. It's 1:05 on a Thursday. I sit before you in a red towel and teal Twistie Turbie. What's up alliteration. In the background is a Youtube video of Lena Dunham (love you) getting interviewed by Bill Simmons.. (mind you the interview is an hour long and she is literally the only person who could keep me captivated for an hour). Anyway, she starts talking about "Google Deep Dive" which is so amazing because it brings total validation to my slightly weird hobby. There is officially a name to my obsession with Googling random celebrities lives from Midnight to 2 am, learning about their past drug dependencies or their new romances or how they got into acting or how many movies they've been in... Thank you Lena. She also introduced me to the blog, Oldlove.tumblr.com , which literally is just pictures of celebrities who used to date that you never knew. MY LIFE.

So yesterday I had the day off which immediately means, lay on couch and watch Netflix until you pass out. Finally my roommate came home from work with the most magical words, "Wanna go get cheeseburgers?" This is why I love her. We proceeded to go to the, In-n-Out drive thru .. ended up having a complicated order... which led to the car line getting backed up... so we just told Mr. In-n-out to tell future customers that Megan Fox had a complicated order. He didn't find us funny.

Also, I just have to say that I miss the freaking 90's. I literally ordered a choker online...still waiting. But honestly, the 90's created some of the best films.... I can't even. Since Tuesday, I've watched: "Whatever It Takes", "She's All That", and "Never Been Kissed". Granted, I may have a weird obsession with teen rom com's but the 90's did it SO WELL. I always wanted to be the hot popular girl who was mildly crazy... or have the awesome makeover of a hair cut and slinky red dress and transform to a mega babe.... and Never Been Kissed is probably just one of my favorite movies of all time. Love that Jessica Alba and James Franco were in that but were extremely un-famous and were part of the ensemble cast.

Alright, I have work soon. Need to put actual clothes on.

Love you Lena Dunham<3