I got 99 problems.... but I only make minimum wage so those problems will have to chill.

Jeeeeeze Louise... Why is it that everything today costs soo much money. Especially being a girl... Literally I have a list of things I need to buy/do but my lack of income prohibits me oh so much. NEED: Manicure/Pedicure, New phone, Hair cut/color, rent money, a puppy, etc. Parents, if you're reading this.... which I know you are because lately I can't get off the phone without a , " So... when's the next blog coming...." YES IT'S COMING ROBERT HANG ON.... well if you're reading... help.

SO here are just a few fun things my roomie, Kate and I have come up with when you're poor and broke and feelin' real real cheap. (We're both half Jewish so that feeling is basically all the time).

First up, we have invented this new game and it's called, "OMG stop looking at me i'm famous this is really embarrassing". Specifically, we go to Pinkberry wearing hats and sunglasses and every time a celebrity tour bus goes by we hide and duck and mumble how embarrassing this is and just wish we could have a normal life.

The next game we play is, "How many actual celebrities can we spot in one day". This game has gotten quite fun actually because sometimes you don't even know you're playing it...until Joe Jonas walks into your restaurant and he asks you for a phone charger and you catch yourself breathing heavily in his face. I have also officially seen Mr. Aaron Samuels twice, (both times behind the wheel of his shiny black Range Rover). The entire cast of Modern Family was getting their hair and makeup done in the parking lot behind my home --- (the roomie and I stood there gawking over our balcony without pants on waiting to see if they'd see us......they didn't). I locked eyes with a Victoria's Secret model who was surprisingly short but still pretty... like the way pretty people don't even need to be pretty because they're already pretty pretty... you know?
OMG look at me over here just name dropping a bunch? Obviously these people are all my closest of friends so it's not really a big deal or anything...

Another fan favorite game we play is called, "Let's walk to Target and walk around and debate for 15 minutes over which soap tray I want to purchase". Because seriously folks... just incase you were wondering, you CANNOT purchase one under 10 dollars. Then we debate over cheap wine purchases, consider buying gushers (because who remembers gushers right?! They're on sale at Tarjay just FYI), wonder what drink at Starbucks we should get that doesn't make our stomach hurt, and turn down the 10 cent bag charge .... because we like to save a couple pennies!

Yes my friends, the life of a pre- famous actress is pretty awesome. I also think my apartment has termites.



An Actor's life for me....

Yo ho, yo ho...Fuck.

This place is overwhelming. One day I'm like, "YEAH BITCH LETS DO THIS LETS BE AN ACTOR"

Then the next day I'm all like, "What am I doing with my life #Passthechocolate"...

There is just so much that has to do with being an actor that has nothing to do with being an actor. I apparently need to have a business card that says "actor", to state the obvious... then I need to have a website that says "actor", then I need to introduce myself as an "actor" and meet tons of producers/directors/"actors" who will make me a famous "actor".

Easy enough... right? Then I look down at myself and remember that I've watched 3 seasons of pretty little liars and haven't moved for 6 hours.

But in all honesty, I have to give myself some credit... I've been keeping super busy with acting classes and all that jazz. Also, on Wednesday I made super sexual eye contact with Ed Westwick in a bathroom... so I'm pretty sure things are looking great for me out here. I've also managed to walk around Whole Foods and ONLY buy a few things at a time... #winning

On another note, my birthday is tomorrow, and I would just like to send a mass announcement that I will gladly accept any form of Edible Arrangements. But specifically the chocolate dipped fruit kind. If you were thinking of getting me a gift card to The Cheesecake Factory, no need... #ThanksMomandDad #Classy

K now get off my blog and start making my Instagram collage...

Peace & Maca Powder