Hungry? Listen up!

+ Good morning my lovely readers. Well, actually it's 1pm... so good afternoon! (Unless you're balls to the walls hungover and you just woke up...then it is morning for ya). 

+ I've been sorta getting into this whole, "cooking" thing lately! And when I say cooking, I mean microwaving, blending, and pre-heating things. But don't ask me to make you chicken, I fucking suck. 

+ I discovered this lil' recipe a while back and thought i'd offer a different breakfast option for those of you who maybe, *GASP* don't like oatmeal. Acai bowls are SUPES trendy lately, and i'm pretty sure the second you eat one, you become a Kardashian. 

+ Here's what you're gonna need: 

+ These Acai packets can be found at any overpriced food store. So i'm talking, Whole Foods, New Fronteirs, yada yada. The pack of 4 costs around 8 bucks, depending where you go... which actually isn't too bad, (like 2 bucks a bowl!) 

+ Next you're gonna want to throw in you're favorite frozen fruit. I chose pineapple because they add a really nice taste (and they were all that I had in my freezer....."sweatpants are all that fits me right now"). Sorry I have "Mean Girls" turrets. 

+ If you wanna get really cute and adorable, (maybe post an Instagram pic or five), light a candle while you're making your Acai Bowl. LO FI BABY!

+ Next up, Blend that SHIT!

+ Not featured: A frozen banana that I added for flavor. But it was ugly and didn't photograph well....

+ Add either water, milk, or my personal fave, Almond Milk, so the blender can mix up all the yum ingredients smoothly.

+ Your Acai bowl is just NOT complete without some bomb.com toppings

+ For this creation I threw on some raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, and honey!

+ and voila! Look how sexy that little number is.

How excited are you to light up a candle, and blend up some goodness?! Keep me posted on your breakfast creations :)


What the shit

I legitimately had 2 birth control and a coffee for lunch. Don't judge me.

It's for my skin...That is my definition of Monday. This is also my definition of monday:

What is up you all?? what is the 411, what has EVERYBODY been talking about? I had 2 cupcakes and a pudding for dinner last night so I'm slightly hyper but also have a minor headache. Ok so since I really have nothing exciting to report, i'm thinking about what I could do this week that sounds exciting. Have any of you ever done a cleanse? Like actually, 100% did a cleanse that they liked and/or suggest? I've been looking for something like that to motivate me and jumpstart my week! I realize that i'm talking to crickets unless someone actually decides to write back. Heeey guys....

Do you guys have couch covers? Those things are fucking hard to deal with...they don't stay put. My roommate says it's because I lay on our couch. Go figure. Anyhoo- it's fucking MONDAY. The most "blah" day of the week... and I need some Moti- fucking- vation. How do you guys survive mondays? again... crickets.

Can you tell I have slight ADD.